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King of the Road. Iconic Bike Lights.

Joseph Lucas introduced the first ‘King of the Road’ bicycle lights into the UK in 1878. The original lamps were powered by acetylene gas, produced by combining calcium carbide with water. Today, Lucas King of the Road bike lights feature modern LED technology, combined with beautifully crafted designs to reflect the quality and heritage of the iconic Lucas brand.

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Road Cycling with Light
  • Lucas is an iconic Great British brand, delivering premium quality lighting products throughout the world. Lucas boasts a a heritage of over 125 years and introduced the first "King of the Road" bike lights for use on a high bicycle in 1879. This name became famously associated with the highest quality Lucas products and has been chosen to represent a new range of Lucas bike lights today.
The Lucas Brand
  • DURALIGHT Lucas Duralight bike lights deliver a simple, no fuss solution. With a durable silicone rubber housing and integral strap these USB rechargeable bike lights are simply brilliant!
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Bike Light Deals.

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  • TRAILBLAZER Mountain bikers will love our Trail Blazer bike lights with up to 3000 lumens of extreme brightness to illuminate even the most difficult off-road trails!
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